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ITC Automatic Fastener Feed Systems

AFS Bowl Feed System

Vibratory Bowl Feed Systems

Fastener feeding systems are available from a few feeding units to large multiple-bowl systems. Standard rivets, slug rivets, blind fasteners, and two-piece fasteners can all be fed in fastener feeding systems. Grip length sensors can measure the stack thickness and the correct grip length fastener can be sent to the machine automatically. Fasteners are sent to the machine through large diameter tubing that allow the fasteners to tumble. The large tubing prevents fasteners from jamming in the tubing as they travel from the bowl system to the fastening machine. The fasteners are then oriented at the machine and injected into the anvil fingers.

A manual drop tube can be located at the operator station. The operator can then feed any fastener, that might not be present in the bowl system, directly to the machine.

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Herb Cupp
Director Sales / Service


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