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ITC Leading Edge "Knee" Fastening Machine

ITC Leading Edge (Knee) Fastening Machine

Model ITC-L2-12-XX-S L= Leading Edge

ITC Aerospace Division designed and built the Leading Edge Dual Ram "Knee" style automatic fastening machine, which is a versatile drill and rivet machine used for the manufacturing of Leading Edges. The unique ram design allows the fastening of leading edges, and close clearance parts and can also be used on ducts as well as flat panels. The narrow ram can reach inside of many parts and, therefore allows automatic fastening in areas that cannot be fastened on conventional lower rams.

It is equipped with automatic fastener grip length selection and lower tooling turntable.

The upset cycle is hydraulically actuated and applies upset forces up to 12,000 pounds. It features highly repeatable bucktail height control, which is adjustable from an operator thumbwheel switch. The system comes with dual rams that allows for a total of four (4) working locations and configurations for the lower tooling. This allows the lower ram tooling to work in corners either to the right or left on each ram. The lower rams have two different and unique styles of design that works in conjunction with the tooling requirements in manufacturing the leading edges of aircraft structures.

ITC Leading Edge (Knee) Fastening Machine

ITC Leading Edge (Knee) Fastening Machine


Programmable Logic Controller

Upset Force 12,000 Pounds

XX Inch Throat Depths (48, 60, 72, 96,)

Capable of Drilling Aluminum, Steel, and Titanium Alloys

Maximum Cycle Time Clamp to unclamp 3.5 sec.

Machine Cycle Counter

Set Up, Tool Change, and Run Modes

Missing Rivet and Broken Drill Detector

Chip Blowers

Drill Spindle to Accept Acura Flex Collets

Shave Spindle to Accept Acura Flex Collets

Three Position Head (Drill/Countersink, Sealant, and Rivet)

Capable of Installing Universal, Flush Head, and Modified Universal Head Rivets fasteners

Countersink Adjustment Range 0 to .50 Inches

Drill Speed Adjustable from 500 to 7000 RPM

Variable Drill Feed Adjustable from 2 to 96 IPM

Adjustable Clamp Force from 0 to 750 Pounds

Countersink Selection in 0.0005 Increments

Shave Depth Selection in 0.0005 Increments

Maximum Stack Thickness .500 Inches

Work Height Approximately 69 Inches

Mini Hopper feed system


7-1/4 Inch Deep Drop/Daylight Opening (5 inch standard)

2-1/2 Deep Pocket

Automatic Grip Sensing

Automatic Vibratory Bowl Feed System

Laser Spot Locator

Retractable and Resilient Pressure Foot Bushing

Manual Drop Station

Upper and Lower Camera System

Smart Panel Display with Diagnostics

For more information, contact:

Herb Cupp
Director Sales / Service


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