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Tatco Stationary Hot Dimplers

Tatco Stationary Hot Dimplers

TA-450EA-36"-HD (36" Frame)

Townend Aerospace has been manufacturing Hot Dimpling Machines for the Aerospace Industry for more than 20 years with many satisfied customers. "State of the Art" solid state control technology is used today to produce the finest means for controlling temperature and time requirements during the dimpling process.

Digital temperature Controls and Timers

Operator/Maintenance/Recommended Spare Parts List Manuals

Machine will be painted color of choice

The machine is provided without any tooling unless ordered by the customer as separate item

Townend Aerospace Tool Company can supply your Rivet Set Adapters, Dimple Dies, Punch, Upper & Lower Heaters needs


1. Maximum Pressure: 20,000 Lbs., (9074 Kg)
2. Heater Controllers: AD: TC33
  Controller Temp Range: 0°F To 700°F (32°C To 371°C)
  Heater Rage Choice: 0°F To 700°F
32°F To 400°F
  Heater Dwell Timer Range: .001 Sec. To 9.999 Sec.
3. Pneumatic Requirements: 90 PSI (6.2 Bar)
36 CFM Minimum
4. Electrical Requirements: 110 Volt, Single Phase, 60 Hz
  Voltage transformers will be quoted on request.
5. Machine Dimensions:
Foot Print
Yoke Width
Throat Depth
Throat Height
Maximum Punch Travel

70.75 In. (1.80 Meters)
53 In. (1.35 Meters)
40 In. (1.02m) X 60 In. (1.52m.)
3200 Lbs. (1452kg)
4 In. (101mm)
36 In. (914 Mm)
8 In. (203mm)
1.74 In. (44 Mm)
  Assemblies Are Available For All Fastener Types And Sizes. Punches Are Available In Standard, Standard Flanged, Short, Short Flanged, And Jumbo Styles. Dies Are Available In Standard, Cutaway, And Jumbo Styles.
  Typical Punch: 3/8" X 1" Shank, 718" X 1.187" Body
  Typical Die Assembly: Die .718" X 1.06" Body, .500" I.D. Ram .499" O.D. Includes A Retainer Ring

Tatco Thermo Dimple Control Panel
(Proratable, Dual Circuit Type)

Tatco Stationary Hot Dimpler Control

Model TA 8150-PHD

Thermomatic Dimpling Control Unit; Designed to regulate and automatically control dimple die temperatures, pre-pressure and final forming pressure for both stationary and portable type dimpling equipment. Solid state control unit, digital heater controllers, male & female dies are independently heated by 650 watt heaters and operates from a supply of 110Volts and A.C. 60 cycle. weight approximately 37 lbs., dimensions; width 13" x 8" depth x 12" height.

Contact our sales desk for more details.

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