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Tatco Portable Power Tools Sales and Service

Tatco Portable Power Tools Sales and Service

Hand-Held Power Tools

Townend Aerospace maintains a large, wide ranging inventory of new and used Portable Power Tooling and Hand Tools, including the hard to find items which may no long be manufactured. Townend Aerospace offers the extended capability to service, repair, and calibrate all make and models of portable power tooling utilizing air, electric, or hydraulic power.

Townend Aerospace re-manufactures these used power tools to "as new" condition and supports the craftsmanship with a full warranty. These tools are available at a fraction of the cost of a new tool and are usually ready in less than 1 week after receipt of an order. Townend Aerospace is also a representative for a select group of portable power tool manufactures for customers desiring a specific tool type.

Townend Aerospace provides customers with a portable power tool maintenance and repair service. Many companies have recognized this service is less expensive than having tools repaired in house, and have been extremely satisfied with the turn around time and workmanship. Townend Aerospace will support its customers with "Loaner" tools (when available) and if it has been determined that the tool will require extensive repair and will impact production operations in not immediately available.

Townend Aerospace also manufactures Portable Power Tooling for "Special Applications" which are constantly developing in the Aerospace Industry. Townend Aerospace maintains an engineering staff highly experienced in the design and applications of pneumatic, electrical, and hydraulic power for the development of new tools when circumstances prevail. This would include tools for both the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft which are provided to several customers. Examples of such tools would be Aircraft Fuel Boost Pump removal tool and Calibration Tool for measuring Differential Air Pressure on jet aircraft engines.

Drill Motors

Standard Hand Drill Motors

Angle Head Motors

Positive Feed Drills (Quakenbush, Rockwell, Gardner-Denver, etc.)

Air Feed Drills (Aro,
Gardner-Denver, etc.)

Winslow Nut Plate Drill Motors

"Q" Matic Drill Motors

Doller Drill Motors

Nut Runner Type Motors

Cleco Runners (Hex and Cylindrical)

Hilok Runner Motors

"L" Head Motors

Standard Nut Runners


Air / Hand Crimpers Certify & Repair






Swaging Tools


Paint Equipment


Rivet Squeezers

Alligator Type

"C" Type

Hand Squeezer

Rivet Guns

Standard Hand Held (All Sizes)

Recoilless Hand Held (All Sizes)

Blind Fastener Installation Tools

Huck (352, 353, etc.)

Cherry Lock

Cherry Max



Die Grinders

Pencil Grinders

Vertical Grinders


Disc Sanders

Vibrator Sanders

Belt Sanders


Rivet / Weld Shavers

Cyclon Polishers

Router Motors

Tatco Portable Power Tools Sales and Service

Visit our online store to browse our current selection of New, Used, Refurbished, and Surplus hand tools for the aerospace industry. TATCO Online Store.

Our complete selection of Tatco® Hand Rivet Squeezers, Tatco Hand Rivet Squeezer Yokes, and genuine Tatco Hand Rivet Squeezer Replacement Parts are available for sale through the Tatco online store.

Contact our sales desk for more details.

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